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16 June 2024



bidding to win

management consulting

Individually tailored programmes in message design and delivery, supported with aspects of theatre craft, to help executives to be compelling and memorable when presenting in the many different circumstances they may face. Deploys the “Kipper®” technique created by Willie Macnair previously of The Rhetorical Company, and now owned by Gareth Bunn.

Offered both for teams and for individuals, leadership coaching is based upon either the i-Lead system, which uses a personal "signature" as a foundation for gaining behavioural insight, and most importantly, insight into the drivers and behaviours of others, or Social Styles which is a non-proprietary system.

Increase your winning rate by using our assistance to bidding teams in the design of coherent and compelling presentation messages using the “TeamKipper®, coaching of the presenters, design of presentation events.

training for groups

I have over 40 years experience - working ultimately at senior and Executive levels - in both the Public and Private Sector and within Management Consultancy and IT Services.

I offer management consulting as a sole consultant drawing upon my areas of expertise and track record eg sales process.

Where small consulting teams are required, we can rapidly pull together the required skills using the many associates and organisations to which we are affiliated.

How we can help you

Leadership coaching, communication skills, bid coaching, speaker training, advisory consulting


Courses for small groups in individual and team message design using the Kipper®” technique, and relationship building and management. Particularly relevant to business winners, account managers, and trusted advisors.

Workshop style courses are also available  as modules covering team building events, written communications (Executive Summary writing) and chairmanship skills including conference call management. Much of the content of on-site courses is also available through virtual programmes consisting of a series of short on-line workshops.

Training will be packaged specifically to meet your needs and objectives.



public speaking

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“A luxurious experience - 2 days in the presence of an expert”

Principal Consultant, Capgemini, Winning the Communication Game

“Gareth coaches using some simple, yet powerful techniques for structuring presentations which we have found to be extremely effective every time we’ve used them. We particularly like his style and approach which ensures his coaching sessions are highly informative and memorable whilst also being great fun.”

Senior Project Director, Skanska UK, Bid team coaching

"Great course, content learnt is practised and can be taken away to be applied in meetings, presentations and conversations"  

Asst Financial Accountant, Bluefin, Effective Communication

"Gareth is a battle hardened campaigner with bags of experience and a balanced approach. Very few times in my professional life have I been left grasping for more and pondering the present. I thoroughly enjoyed the mental challenges and found this experience one of the most valuable since leaving higher education. Whilst this may seem intimidating Gareth has an approach which makes it easy for all walks of life to engage successfully."

Senior Delivery, Avanade UK, Persuasive Communication

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Competence and confidence in public speaking starts with a well designed message in a form appropriate to the audience and the event. In addition to the techniques of design, many people want help in dealing with nerves and “personal presence”.

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Gratitude and Intellectual Property

I am indebted to Willie Macnair - an inspiring teacher of rhetoric and originator of the “Kipper®” tool the Intellectual Property and Trademark of which is now owned by Gareth Bunn.

Inspiration - books

Cicero - On the Ideal Orator

Elaine Morgan - The descent of woman

Prof Russell Ackoff - Management f-Laws

Mark Forsyth - The elements of eloquence

Stephen Pinker - How the mind works

Simon Lancaster - Speech Writing - The Expert Guide

Tali Sharot - The Influential Mind

Dan Pink - On motivation

Simon Sinek - Golden Circle

Inspiration - videos

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Resources (last updated January 2022)

1. Template - simple “kipper®” v20

2. Example (part-completed) v20

3. Template - team “kipper®” v20

4. Example (part completed) v20

5. Engines/styles q’aire v20

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John Bohannon - PowerPoint or dance

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Simon Sinek - Nobody wins

Will Storr - The Science of Storytelling

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