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14 July 2024


Gareth Bunn ran his own company from May 2007 until May 2023 providing leadership coaching and training. His primary business concerned the design and delivery of coaching and training programmes focused on the “soft skills” of leadership, relationship management and communications.

Much of his consulting assignments harnessed his core skills in message design and delivery. Gareth has provided assistance to bid teams and their directors for over 20 major deals over recent years. These range from strategically important consultancy construction/FM based bids.

He has provided consultancy to major IT services companies in strategies for developing business in the Public Sector, both in the UK and abroad, and has assisted SMEs access the public sector market.

Until May 2007 Gareth had been Vice President responsible for Capgemini's Government and Public Services industry sector, and was on the Executive Team for the Consulting business. His responsibilities spanned Central Government, Defence and Security, Justice, Local and Devolved Government, Healthcare, Education. Gareth was also an Executive member of Capgemini's global Public Sector Council. Prior to this, as a partner in Ernst & Young and VP in Capgemini, he set up and ran the Transport and Travel sector.

During later years in Capgemini (pre-2007) he took the Senior Responsible Industry Executive role in partnering with FCO and DfES/DCSF/DFE. He has led and undertaken many reviews at a strategic level within government - reporting to the Executive level in Departments such as Home Office, Work and Pensions, Metropolitan Police and in the private sector for clients including British Airways and Railtrack (now Network Rail).

Gareth was elected Vice Chair of the Public Sector Council of Intellect (now techUK), a role he carried out for two years and he became an honorary member for a further 5 years. His main areas of expertise are: communications, market strategy, programme management, client/supplier relations, ICT strategy and sourcing.

Gareth's experience spans a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors and includes a number of assignments dealing with significant change programmes, asset management and privatisation/disposal exercises. He was a Civil Servant specialising in IS/IT for 17 years before moving into management and IT consultancy.

Gareth is a Member of the British Computer Society and was previously a Trustee of the British Youth Music Theatre.

As well as coaching teams, Gareth has coached individual executives and senior managers in Leadership and Communications - clients from a Property Company, the Home Office, a Trade Association, and the IT services sector. He is an accredited practitioner in the i-Lead coaching system.

A large part of Gareth’s business was in the design and delivery of training programmes - primarily targeted at the Services industry. These are focused on relationship based selling techniques, communications, presentation design and delivery, client interactions, public speaking and chairmanship skills. He personally owns the Intellectual Property and Trademark of the Kipper®method for message and event design. He draws upon his significant and diverse business management and development experience.

He was joint author of  “Strategic Planning for Information Systems” published by John Wiley and Sons as part of the CCTA Information Systems Guides.

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Gratitude and Intellectual Property

I am indebted to Willie Macnair - an inspiring teacher of rhetoric and originator of the “Kipper®” tool the Intellectual Property and Trademark of which is now owned by Gareth Bunn.

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Simon Sinek - Golden Circle

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