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Resources (last updated March 2016)

1. Template - simple “kipper” v9

2. Example (part-completed) v9

3. Template - team “kipper” v13

4. Example (part completed) v13

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I am indebted to Willie Macnair -  an inspiring teacher of rhetoric and originator of the “kipper” design tool which Gareth Bunn Consulting is licensed to use


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Elaine Morgan - The descent of woman

Prof Russell Ackoff - Management f-Laws

Mark Forsyth - The elements of eloquence

Stephen Pinker - How the mind works

John Bohannon - PowerPoint or dance

Cicero - On the Ideal Orator

Dan Pink - On motivation

Simon Sinek - Golden Circle

Gareth Bunn Consulting Limited

Through techUK (previously Intellect) we are currently offering an open course called “Persuasive Presentation Design” which is a 1-day essentials course.

subject modules

Training courses are designed specifically to meet client needs.They draw upon a wide range of “subject modules” which can be varied in length and depth supported by different degrees of practical consolidation.


current courses

Theory of Communications

How memory is created

Audience analysis and preferences

Analysis of ideas

Pyramid thinking

Defining the value proposition (sales)

The design tool for a message (kipper)

Team message/event design (team kipper)

Designing and controlling the event

Establishing authority and credibility

Dealing with nerves

Impact of first few minutes

How to use different rhetorical styles

Design and use of effective visual aids

Emotional states and interactions

Managing interactions with others

Dealing with difficult behaviours

Understanding brand and differentiation

Duty of care

Understanding others' frames of reference

Nurturing trust in business relationships

Preparing for meetings/interviews

Conducting discovery interviews

Staying on the same wavelength

Writing Executive Summary/Proposals

Chairing meetings (including remote)

Workshop planning and delivery

Presentation design practice/feedback

How to use and manage one's physicality

Using and owning space

Breathing and its impact

Use of voice and modulation

Word stress and intonation

Understanding the power of the pause

Energy levels and their impact

Personal preparation - physical and emotional

example courses

Persuasive Presentation Design (1 day open course through techUK - Next course 23 May 2017:

Subjects covered are highlighted in red in the above and augmented by 2 hours of practice with constructive feedback.

Winning the Communication Game (3 days):

Subjects covered included all those in Persuasive Presentation design plus those subjects highlighted  in blue above with around 50% of time (1 - 1½ days) devoted to practice and feedback sessions.

“#incredible, I believe I now know what I need to do to win the communication game”


Managing Consultant, Capgemini, Winning the Communication Game, 2015

"Excellent, only wish I had done this 30 years ago"

Technical Authority, BAE Systems, Persuasive Presentation Design, 2013

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techUK course

A core part of communication training is the “kipper” technique devised by Willie Macnair, previously of the Rhetorical Company. Below are some typical courses and subject modules.

““Easily one of the best courses I’ve been on. Incredibly useful”

Team Leader, GBG, Winning the Communication Game 2017