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Gareth Bunn Consulting Limited

July 2022

Partners and associates

Gareth Bunn Consulting has associations with a number of organisations and practitioners reflecting a variety of disciplines and traditions such as oratory, rhetoric and theatre. We can therefore configure teams, and tailor training and coaching to a wide range of needs.



All i-Lead approaches have the same focus: to help people, teams and organisations to learn continuously from their interactions with their environment and to transform this learning into actions in order to create their desired future. The I-Lead network in the UK embraces experienced practitioners in coaching, training and consulting.


Presence and Presenting” workshops and coaching for individuals and teams at all levels of an organisation. Highly experienced in public speaking.We have run training courses together - linking my expertise and Intellectual Property in message design with Gerry’s skills in personal presence.

Gerry McNulty

An experienced consultant and business developer, Amanda left a corporate career to set up her own business - Influence and Persuade. Her focus is influencing behaviour in teams and transformation programmes. She is an experienced practitioner of the “Kipper®” technique. We have joined forces in the design and delivery of training programmes both on-site and virtual.

Amanda MacAuley - Influence and Persuade Ltd


Qi Consulting

One of the UK's leading providers of management and ICT consultancy and interim management for public sector clients. Their core business is the delivery of independent consultants into a variety of roles - from project teams through to strategic design.

The independent and flexible management consultancy alternative.

The Richmond Group brings together around 50 of the UK's leading independent management consultants. They share a common vision, positive values and the advantage of being amongst the leading practitioners in their specialist disciplines.

Big Innovation

We design and build accelerated change programmes and capabilities for global organisations, driving collaboration to get the best out of their people and chosen business partners.

Richmond Group

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Gratitude and Intellectual Property

I am indebted to Willie Macnair - an inspiring teacher of rhetoric and originator of the “Kipper®” tool the Intellectual Property and Trademark of which is now owned by Gareth Bunn.

Inspiration - books

Cicero - On the Ideal Orator

Elaine Morgan - The descent of woman

Prof Russell Ackoff - Management f-Laws

Mark Forsyth - The elements of eloquence

Stephen Pinker - How the mind works

Simon Lancaster - Speech Writing - The Expert Guide

Tali Sharot - The Influential Mind

Dan Pink - On motivation

Simon Sinek - Golden Circle

Inspiration - videos

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Resources (last updated January 2022)

1. Template - simple “kipper®” v20

2. Example (part-completed) v20

3. Template - team “kipper®” v20

4. Example (part completed) v20

5. Engines/styles q’aire v20

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John Bohannon - PowerPoint or dance

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Simon Sinek - Nobody wins

Will Storr - The Science of Storytelling